Aircraft repeatedly flying over your home?

Oxnard Airport Fly Friendly – OXRFF is a group of local residents, pilots and neighborhood councils who monitor the smaller and many times older single engine planes from training flight schools and flight clubs, flying repeated training patterns at low altitudes over the Channel Islands Harbor, Schools and developed areas south of the Oxnard Airport.

FACT: Over 60% of all Oxnard Airport traffic are Southern California flight training “touch-and-gos” and not regular aircraft departures and landings.

These repeated aircraft touch-and-go flight patterns over Oxnard neighborhoods are causing noise, safety and environmental lead issues and impacting our local neighborhoods and environment.

Take Action!

Call the Oxnard Airport Noise Line:

805 382 3022

Fill out the official Noise Complaint form

Updated Fly Friendly VC Pilot Guide

Updated Fly Friendly VC pilot guide now includes a new color scheme (red) to clearly outline residential/noise sensitive areas. I also offers a more definitive distance past the shoreline. Replacing the original wording on the guide that stated “fly well past the shoreline,” the guide now reads “fly at least ½ mile past the shoreline.”

Flight training over Oxnard – 6 simultaneous flights

March 12 Flights

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Make your voice heard about excessive flight school training

Contact the VC Aviation Advisory Commission

Contact the Ventura County Aviation Advisory Commission

Oxnard Airport Noise Abatement Procedures

Follow the Oxnard Airport Noise Abatement Procedures

Oxnard Airport Fly Friendly – OXRFF


Who and what is OXRFF?


What is the problem?


There is a solution!

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