OXRFF is made up of local Oxnard residents, pilots and neighborhood councils, who monitor pilots in small older single engine planes flying repeated training patterns at low altitudes over the Channel Islands Harbor and developed areas south of the Oxnard Airport

This is in violation of Oxnard Airport Voluntary Noise Abatement guidelines & airport mission statements.

This repeated flight training are subjecting residents, shoppers, students and teachers to unacceptable levels of risk and noise.

Many of this flight training is originating out of Los Angeles airports including Santa Monica Airport, Van Nuys Airport and Whiteman Airport

Key OXRFF Members


  • Commercial & Corporate Pilots
  • FAA Flight Instructors

Neighborhood Councils (3)

  • Channel Island Neighborhood Council
  • Oxnard Shores
  • Via Marina

Residents (10,000+)

  • Oxnard Shores
  • Mandalay Bay
  • WestPort
  • Via Marina
  • SeaBridge
  • Seaview Estates
  • Sea-Air
  • Marina West

OXRFF – Supported by 3 Oxnard Neighborhood Councils

Channel Islands Neighborhood Council

The Channel Islands Neighborhood Council is an all-volunteer organization representing the waterfront communities of Mandalay Bay, Harbour Island, Westport, and Seabridge. The Neighborhood Council program was created by the Oxnard City Council to effectively involve members of our communities in our local government decision making process.


Oxnard Shores Neighborhood Council

The Oxnard Shores Neighborhood Council, is the voice of the beach residents in the Oxnard Shores Mobile home Park, Mandalay Shores Beach community and the Colony. Our organization is the liaison between the City of Oxnard and community residents.

Oxnard Shores Neighborhood Council

Via Maria Neighborhood Council

The Via Marina Neighborhood Council is made up of residents south of W. Wooley Rd and east of Victoria Ave on Oxnard.

Via Marina

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