What can Oxnard Airport do to generate revenue?

 It is clear that one of the reasons Oxnard has so many training Touch and Gos (TNGs) at Oxnard Airport (OXR) from other airports is that OXR allows aircraft to come here, use the airfield, use the tower, fly over the community – FOR FREE – OXR does not charge for this activity.

Other airports charge landing fees: 

  • Santa Monica for example charges a landing fee of $5.48 per thousand pounds landing gross weight.
  • OXR charges landing fees for aircraft 12,500 lbs or greater but NO landing fees for any other aircraft.
  • If OXR adopted the same pricing as Santa Monica, aircraft that come here several times a week to conduct TNGs – which many do – OXR could be looking at landing fees of $9,000 or more a year (A Cessna 172 weights about 1700 lbs.  That would be $11.00 per TNG.  Flight Schools coming to Oxnard several times a week, doing half a dozen TNGs each time would be billed ~$9,000)
  • This would help reduce TNGs at OXR, would help offset OXR’s operating loss (projected at $1.6 MM for this fiscal year), and would stop OXR giving away something of value to residents of Santa Monica and other areas for free.


  • 65% of Oxnard Airport flight traffic are training touch and gos (TNGs) and not regular takeoffs and landings.
  • A high number of these training flight TNGs originate from Van Nuys, Santa Monica and other Los Angeles Airports.
  • Oxnard Airport is projecting an operating loss of $1.6 MM for this fiscal year.


Please let your elected representative know you support OXR Landing Fees for all Aircraft:

Contact the Airport Advisory Commission and the Camarillo and Oxnard Airport Authorities and let them know you support landing fees – per thousand pounds landing gross weight.