Ventura County Department of Airports Launches New Online Flight Tracking and Noise Management System


Contact: Jannette Jauregui
Communications & Engagement Manager
Public Information Officer
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The Ventura County Department of Airports (DOA) will launch a new online flight tracking and noise management system effective November 1st.  

Operated by Vector Airport Systems, the Noise and Operations Management System (VNOMS) will serve as a critical tool in the DOA’s work to address noise concerns that stem from Camarillo and Oxnard airports, and will improve the management of Fly Friendly VC, a program that launched in September and provides alternative flight patterns designed to avoid residential overflights. VNOMS will allow DOA staff to track flights in real time in addition to finding details on past flights including altitude, flight paths, and information related to aircraft operators. 

The public will also have the ability to track flights, including past flights, with a 10-minute delay for live flight tracking. VNOMS will also allow individuals the opportunity to submit a noise comment in real time that will immediately be available to DOA staff. VNOMS will then alert DOA staff of any flight(s) that match the information provided by an individual, making the process of communication between DOA staff and aircraft operators more effective and efficient as the DOA works to solidify the implementation of Fly Friendly VC. 

“VNOMS is a sophisticated system that we believe is superior to any flight tracking and noise management system we currently have access to,” said Keith Freitas, Director of the Ventura County Department of Airports. “VNOMS provides us with the ability to track all flight data out of both Camarillo and Oxnard Airports, which is vital to our work to improve airport operations, bridge the gap of communication with the public, and become the best possible neighbors to Ventura County residents.” 

The VNOMS Noise Comment option will replace the existing DOA Noise Comment system. Individuals will be able to access links to both Camarillo and Oxnard public VNOMS beginning November 1st by visiting

VNOMS Flight Track Output



Vector’s camera-based IDs

To file an Oxnard Airport Noise Complaint use the VC Airport OXR Noise Complaint Page

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