Camarillo/Oxnard Airport Authority Meeting

Camarillo/Oxnard Airport Authority

Thursday Oct. 13 @ 6:30pm


Following the Airport’s September 13 Fly Friendly Forum, where 8 local flight schools attended to review the proposed Touch and Go routes, problems continue. Pilots are now making more right turn patterns which avoid directly overflight of occupied areas, but the left turns still result in negative impact of community safety and well being.  

D. Subject: Receive and File a Staff Update Regarding Draft Updated Monthly Noise Report Format and Fly Friendly VC Program (Pages 43-48)

Below are links to the meeting agenda and full packet for reference to the entirely of the meeting.   


Full Packet:


You can either join the zoom and speak live or submit a written comment to be read. Public comments matter!

Virtual Meeting:
Webinar ID: 825 5637 0635
Phone Numbers: 1-669-900-6833, 1-253-215-8782
Time: 6:30 pm

To submit a written comment to be read. Limit to 250 words and email to [email protected] by 6:00pm today.  Put Item#5 as your subject line for general comment or actual agenda item#.  Participation matters!

To speak live via zoom during Agenda Item #5 Public Comments (or any specific item #): When the chairperson asks if anyone would like to speak to an item you active the RAISE HAND button. You will be called in order to join live as a speaker. Each speaker is given a limit of 3 minutes.  Please speak up!

If you call into the zoom by telephone and want to make a live comment, when the chairperson asks for participants; dial *9 to be added to speaker list. 

Please speak up at this Camarillo/Oxnard Airport Authority Meeting to help Oxnard rise above the noise.

Make your Voice Heard!

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