Don’t Miss: Oxnard City Council Meeting 9/6 and Camarillo/Oxnard Airport Authority Meeting 9/8

Back in Session!

With the August break behind us September is starting off with 2 important meetings. All with the opportunity to speak up in regards to the negative impact that Oxnard Airport has on our community with Touch and Go training flights. In brief the continued use of leaded fuel exhaust, excessive noise pollution, low altitude flight safety risk and no economic input to our community. 


Monday Sept 6, 2022,

Council Chambers:  305 West Third Street Public Parking lot behind Chambers. Street parking also available.

5:15 Director of Airport Presentation

DOA presentation

6:00 General Session with Public Comments 

Meeting Agenda

Your attendance in person would help tremendously. 


Thursday Sept. 8, 2022


Full Packet


You can either join the zoom and speak live or submit a written comment to be read. Public comments matter!

Virtual Meeting: Zoom Link
Webinar ID: 890 6680 3981
Phone Numbers: 1-669-900-6833, 1-253-215-8782
Time: 6:30 pm

To submit a written comment to be read. Limit to 250 words and email to [email protected] by 6:00pm Thursday Sept 8.  Put Item#5 as your subject line.  Participation matters!

To speak live via zoom during Agenda Item #5 Public Comments (or any specific item #): I. Subject: Receive and File Report on Potential Development of Two Aviation Parcels at Oxnard Airport and/or J. Subject: Approval of Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedure Pilot Guides for Camarillo and Oxnard Airports.

When the chairperson asks if anyone would like to speak to an item you active the RAISE HAND button. You will be called in order to join live as a speaker. Each speaker is given a limit of 3 minutes.  Please speak up!

If you call into the zoom by telephone and want to make a live comment, when the chairperson asks for participants; dial *9 to be added to speaker list. 

Please attend the City Council Meeting and participate in the  Camarillo/Oxnard Airport Authority Meeting to help Oxnard rise above the noise.

Make your Voice Heard!

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