Monday: Aviation Advisory Commission Meeting 7PM

What has and has not changed since the September 13 VC Fly Friendly roll out to educate flight schools?

Touch & Go overflights and take offs veering over residential area continue. And now more Helicopters!

The new VNOM complaint system launched on the VC Airport Website.  Click Here for VNOM News Release

The current use of leaded fuel and proposed unleaded fuel options  

Please consider speaking your mind either live online (3 minute max) or submit a 250 word written comment to be read into the record. 

See Agenda below for topic coverage.


Virtual Meeting:
Webinar ID: 820 0655 5679
Phone Numbers: 1-669-900-6833, 1-253-215-8782
Time: 7:00 pm


Full Packet

To submit a written comment to be read. Limit to 250 words and email to [email protected] by 6:30pm tonight.  Put Item #5 as your subject line for general comments. and/or Agenda Item ID for individual agenda items

Participation matters!

To speak live via zoom during Agenda Item #5 Public Comments (or any specific item #): Like Subject E reviewing the VC Fly Friendly Program

Be logged into zoom. When the chairperson asks if anyone would like to speak to an item you active the RAISE HAND button. You will be called in order to join live as a speaker. Each speaker is given a limit of 3 minutes.  Please speak up!

If you call into the zoom by telephone and want to make a live comment, when the chairperson asks for participants; dial *9 to be added to speaker list. 

Please  speak up to promote ALL flights to fly friendly above our community. 

Speak up for your community!

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